Steps to Easy Pool Maintenance

water-pool-bottom-1443622323ChPBegin your pool maintenance with professional pool service Sarasota.

But before call them start with visually inspecting all areas of the pool for anything that might be broken. Damaged tiles and parts can hurt someone when they are swimming, so repair them before anyone gets in the pool. Next, use a skimmer to remove any leaves and debris. Don’t forget to check any filters and filter baskets that your pool has. Replace the filters if they look like they are in poor condition. Don’t forget to back-wash while the filters are out.

After this, it is time to check the water quality. This can be done by using pre-purchased test strips or taking a sample of the water to a pool supply store for an analysis. Based on the levels that you get, you might need to add some chemicals such as chlorine and pH increaser or decreaser. If algae is a problem then you can add algaecide too.

Be sure to read the instructions on the chemical product labels swimming-pool-1198658_960_720before you add any of them. Some can interact in dangerous ways if they are added at the same time. If you aren’t sure how to add the proper quantities of the products, check with your local pool store for more information. No one should be in the pool water while the chemicals are being added, and always wear chemical resistant gloves and eye protection when handling any of the products.

Pool cleaning should be done at least weekly. The water quality should be checked twice a week. Water quality is very important because people can get very sick from a wide range of water borne illnesses from dirty water. Be sure to especially keep the chlorines levels up because chlorine is what sanitizes the water.